Photoshop Work.

So recently I have been doing a bit of Photoshop work to increase my ability in the programme. Whilst browsing my usual sites of Car Design such as Car Design News, Car Body… Continue reading

Line Weighting Practice

So, the other day, I discovered an amazing Youtube channel dedicated to some of the best Automotive Sketches I have seen. The name of the guy that runs the channel is Sangwon Seok.… Continue reading

Boat Design?

Till the other day, I had not even considered doing Boat Design as a profession. But as time goes by, I am more and more intrigued by Boat Design. Seeing some luxury boats… Continue reading

Concepts That Didn’t Make The Cut

I thought this post would be an interesting topic to expand on, as nowadays peoples don’t see the concepts that manufacturers put out before making the real thing. I have assembled a gallery… Continue reading

The Future of Vehicle Design

The post on the Oblivion Bubbleship got me thinking about the direction of future vehicle design. Are helicopters in 10/20 years going to look like the Bubbleship? What are the cars of the… Continue reading

Favourite Type of Car #2: The Fastback

A forgotten trend resurrected with the Rolls Royce Wraith. The Fastback is another of my favourite types of cars. The fact that two of my all time favourite cars are Fastbacks tells you a lot.… Continue reading

Favourite Type of Car #1: The Shooting Brake

First of all, one thing needs to be cleared up. What is a shooting brake? Many people don’t know what a shooting brake is.  That’s because there is no concrete definition as to… Continue reading

The ‘Design’ Cool Wall

Here in our studio, our lecturers put up a board to be used as the cool wall, like the one from my favourite TV show Top Gear. If you don’t know what the… Continue reading

Pin Up Day!

Today, the 9th May 2013 was the pin up day for the both facelift projects and the gearstick project. By pin up day, I mean a day where we pin up our final… Continue reading