When I started getting serious.

I have wanted to be a car designer for as long as I can remember. It was the first profession that I ever wanted to do because I loved cars. I only started taking myself seriously after a trip to a Motor Museum in Turin, Italy where I stumbled across the cars designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. His Ital design company had designed cars, which in my opinion looked incredibly futuristic and gave me the inspiration to be forward thinking. I ended up buying a book called ‘design by Giugiaro’ which, till this day has some cars that still look very futuristic, even though it was published in 2003.

I have continued to look back at this book for inspiration, and I have realised that that trip to Turin and this book have played a major part in my continued interest in Automotive Design. There was one page of the book that made my mind up about wanting to be a car designer. It wasn’t a particular car, nor a design. It was the image of Giugiaro in his office, working on what is today’s Alfa Romeo Brera. Beautiful car.

It was quoted on the picture, ‘I love to work in an orderly but informal atmosphere, surrounded by just a few objects that inspire memories and are associated with certain people or emotions’. I probably didn’t understand what that meant back then, but looking back now, I completely understand where he was coming from. There are certain objects or memories that allow for more creative thinking.

I wanted the lifestyle he had. Designing cars for the masses. I guess thats when I started getting serious about design.