Self study time in the studio!

On our timetables, Friday is the only day we have off. So, we have the friday as self directed time in order to do work set or whatever you want. Today, I went to the studio to finish off my component drawing work which is due for Monday, with Daniel Alvarez*. I decided to do the Range Rover chair as one of my component drawings.

Range Rover Seat

Range Rover Seat Sketch

Admittedly the perspective of the sketch has changed from the picture because I was drawing it from a slightly different angle. The picture of the seat is there as a reference point. The sketch was unfinished at the point of taking the photograph, as I added more detail and weighted the lines more afterwards at home.

We got a little distracted from the component drawings and decided to finish off the bikes we started a couple of days ago. I decided to finish my Quad bike design sketch and he finished his own design bike which was based off the Aprilia Shiver.

Me in the Studio sketching my Quad Bike

My Quad Bike sketch

Dan in the Studio sketching his bike design

Dan drawing his own design bike

And then that was the end of that. It was 5 o’clock and getting dark. We had stayed for around 3 hours in the studio. We got a fair amount of work done. Then we packed up and went home.

Till next time, Check out Dan’s blog:

*Daniel Alvarez: