Canson Pastil Paper Sketching/Rendering #1.

So today, we were looking at mixed media on coloured backgrounds. We were told to use Canson paper, which is good for quick renderings, sketching and light studies. We were given the objective of redesigning an Audi TT on the canson pastil paper with pastils, markers, pens and pencils. I started off on typical Schoellershammer A4 Marker paper, and drew down a few designs. Obviously, I changed the headlights, but also the front air intakes. I did a sheet of A4 brainstorming on the headlight design to see what different types I could think off.


Headlight Sketches

Once we had chosen all the details of the car we wanted to add, we used an underlay of an Audi TT and redesigned it from there. That is the sketch you see on the right on the image above. We then had to use the sketch as an underlay for the canson pastil paper. Except, as opposed to simply drawing what you see underneath the paper, we had to shave a white pastil and put the shavings onto the back of the sketch. Then we put the sketch onto canson pastil paper and went over the lines of the sketch again to indent the white pastil into the canson pastil  paper underneath. What happens is that the white shavings of white pastil will go into the indented lines on the paper, so it is more visible to see the lines rather than just indenting it with a pen. Once that was done, we would go over the white lines with a biro to define the details. We had to use the colour of the paper in our render as the colour of the vehicle, so we had to use that and add more details via shaven pastils and a cotton ball. Other things such as a white pen, white pencil and rubber were used to complete the rendering. This is how it turned out.


Redesigned Audi TT Render on Canson Pastil Paper

I think for a first attempt it turned out relatively well. My idea behind the headlights was to combine them with the front air intakes, hence you see strip lights come down from the headlights to the air intakes. I thought it could be those LED day time running lights that Audi has been accustomed to over the last 2 years or so. The idea for combining the lights with the air intake came about in a lecture of the Paris Motor Show 2012, which showed a trend of manufacturers starting to combine or rather integrate the headlights and the air intakes together, For example, the new Mclaren P1. Anyways, back to the render, I think I added a little too much white pen, especially to the wheels. It what our teacher calls “Bird Shit”. For a first attempt, I am very happy with it!