Canson Pastil Paper Sketching/Rendering #2.

Today was a continuation of our work from yesterday. We used the same Canson pastil paper and drew the redesigned Audi TT’s. This time I decided to my draw my redesigned Audi TT on green Canson pastil paper as opposed to blue. I felt a lot more confident today because I had practised the day before, so I think it came out a lot better. Once I had finished today’s sketch, I went back to yesterday’s and added minor improvements. Anyways, this is how it turned out:


Redesigned Audi TT on green Canson pastil paper


Compared to yesterdays (above)

Now here is a picture showing my work along side some of my class mate’s work.


Some other people’s work

Overall, I was happy with my work. I thoroughly enjoyed this method of rendering as opposed to the usual just markers technique.

If you would like to see an alternate version of the Canson Pastil Paper Sketching, go check out Dan’s blog. He is a friend of mine studying Automotive Transport Design, like I, and he has a very good sketch on the Alfa Romeo Pandion concept on Black Canson paper, which is visually appealing and shows the light angles incredibly well. His blog is: Or alternatively, click here to go to his blog. Have fun!