Aston Martin Guest Lecture!

Aston Martin Presentation

Every wednesday, we have a guest lecture, whereby a guest, preferably a designer, comes in to give a talk about there experiences in the field. Today, we had three people from Aston Martin come in. They were Neil Lloyd-Sherlock, Matt Amos and Jamie Taylor. They came to give us a presentation on ‘Digital & Physical Modelling at Aston Martin’. As a brief overview of what they talked about, they highlighted the recent developments at Aston Martin on projects such as the Vanquish, One-77 and the Zagato. Also, how increased physical and digital use has enabled, accelerated and supported these projects whilst maintaining the core Aston Martin brand values. And finally, they provided an overview of what they do, with the view to potential opportunities in their studio. The presentation lasted an hour and it was thoroughly insightful into the work that goes on at Aston Martin. They even delved into the Design Process and the Physical Modelling Process, something I personally was very interested in. As you see below:

The Design Process

Physical Modelling – Key Exterior Phases

They then talked about how the show car for the Aston Martin One-77 was made. This was really interesting because I thought the show car’s that are on display were working models of the vehicle, when in fact they are made from Foam and Clay! They are just finished to such a high standard that the car itself looks like you could drive it straight away.

SMP – Process for One-77 Showcar

Aston Martin One-77 Showcar Development

Aston Martin One-77 Showcar Revised

Aston Martin One-77 Showcar Interior

The one key thing that Aston talked about during this presentation was the increased emphasis on Visualisation. Being able to make a CG (Computer Graphic) vehicle look real. By being able to do this, designers can decided which wheel or which colour looks better with the vehicle in hand. You would not believe the cars I saw from Aston today that I thought were real cars but were computer graphic models.

Increased Emphasis on Visualisation

Real Time Visualisation

And that was the end of that. At the end of the presentation, they told us about the opportunities there were to actually work for Aston Martin in our placement year. They were mainly interested in Modellers, either Clay or Visualisation. There were opportunities for other fields, but those were the types they were mainly interested in. After that, we had a quick Q&A session and asked a few questions for ourselves.

It was a really good opportunity to find out the work going on at Aston Martin so it was a guest lecture I actually came early for. It didn’t disappoint. I did record a few videos of the High End Visualisation, but I cannot for some reason upload them onto here (sad face).

Thanks for coming in Aston Martin!