Design Brief #1.

We were given 2 design briefs today. The first vehicle we had to design was a Women’s car. The car “had to be aimed at a young woman driver. Think of how you would make this car appealing to her.” I am still working on this vehicle but have completed the second brief which was to design a “Lonesome Cowboy”. We  had to design a car with a masculine appeal but as its not a sports car, you had to think of other ways to achieve this. The dimensions of the car had to be that of an Audi A2. You could change the number of doors, height of the car and length, but not width. “Your designs are for vehicles in this size category, others vehicles comparable in size in the European market are: Opel/Vauxhall Agila (Suzuki Splash), Kia Picanto, Chevrolet Matiz and the Hyundai i10.” I decided to give mine a very sporty, aggressive look. This is how it turned out:

My “Lonesome Cowboy” Design

I personally quite like this design. With regards to the front end, it looks extremely sporty. For the headlights, I tried to make it look like the headlight flows underneath the body work and into the air intake, hence you see a tooth like design on the air intake. This was inspired by the lecture on the ‘Paris Motor Show 2012’, which talked about a trend in upcoming cars which integrate the headlight and the air intake/grills. With regards to the rear, I wanted a massive rear window for reasons unknown. I thought it would like quite nice, as I also tried bringing back the old Fiat Punto lights that run down the height of the body. As you see on the annotation of the sketch of the rear in the top left, it is pointing to the edges of the rear window and says “Punto like lights, strips”. This rear design also kinda reminds me of the VW Up. I also added four exhausts to complete the sporty look. One thing that I like a lot about this design is how the rear of the car stops with a small spoiler. Look at the profile view of the car, and you will see the “small spoiler” annotation. That is the area I am talking about.

On the top right, you can see I added a few component sketches. I wasn’t sure what kind of alloy design I wanted so I drew a few, and also the design of the side mirrors. The side mirrors on this particular sketch were inspired by the original Alfa Romeo Brera Concept renders.

Alfa Romeo Brera Concept, Side Mirrors

I loved the wing mirror design so I transferred that over. I loved the car as a whole also. Because this car was based off an Audi A2, the proportions look small for a car that looks so sporty. It is only a two door, kinda hatchback design. I am pleased with how it came out!