Audi ‘Copycat’ Render

Every Monday, we have to hand in a ‘copycat’ sketch or render, whereby you take a professionals sketch and you try and imitate or copy as closely as you can. This week, I decided to do an Audi concept sketch, and it turned out like this.

Original Professional Sketch/Render

My Sketch of the Professional Sketch – Not Rendered

With this sketch, you can get a sense of the linework, and how it would have looked before the professional markered it in as well. Now I will show you how it looks like markered.

My Sketch of the Professional Sketch – Rendered

It didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I feel I could have done a better job. For one, I didn’t have a yellow pastil, so I couldn’t add the nice yellow tones to the bodywork like the original sketch. That is why I substituted a black pastil to smooth out where the yellow should have been. I feel my line work could have been improved also. The annoying thing about using the pastil shavings to smooth out tone is, once you put the pastil on a try to redo a certain area, you have to rub the side of your hand against the paper, and everything smudges! I had to erase loads of area’s multiple times, but in the end, it just looked dirty. Hopefully my next copycat sketch will be better.