Design Brief #2.

Here is a quick continuation of my work from Thursday. This time, as opposed to the male ‘Lonesome Cowboy’ design, I was to design a ‘Women’s car’. This is how it turned out.

My ‘Women’s Car’ Design

Me sketching the interior of the ‘Women’s Car’

I tried to make the face of the women’s car far less aggressive compared to the ‘lonesome cowboy’ design. Hence I went for a really happy face design. That way, the car seems a lot less intimidating, and girls may actually like the car enough to buy it. It being an Audi A2 size, it may be the ideal car for first time women buyers.

I went for a simple design with the wheels, with only 4 circles cut out of the alloy. I was happy with the front of the car, but I think the rear of the car could need some help. I don’t think the rear diffuser was very necessary on a small women’s car. It kinda defeated the objective and made it a little aggressive.. I was still happy with the car as a whole though.

This time, I drew an interior for the car (because we learned some techniques on it in today’s studio session with Shaun, one of our teachers), as well as the components details of the car. I can say for sure I am happy with the outcome of the whole sheet.