Interior Design Day.

We spent today learning about how to draw/sketch the interior of a car. This included all the different types of views of an interior of a car you could draw, as well as components of the car such as steering wheels, seats etc. This is what some of the presentation (By Alan Barrett, a teacher) looked like.

Classic View 1

Classic View 2

Classic View 3

Classic View 4

Full Interior View


Steering Wheel

Vehicle Interior Drawing Skills – 5 Levels

After the presentation, I tried my hand at drawing an interior of a car from the Classic View 2 standpoint. This is how it turned out.

One of my first Interior Sketches

The idea I had for my interior was to have one that was very driver orientated. Hence I had the whole dash facing the driver. I got the idea for this from one of my favourite cars, the Alfa Romeo Brera.

Alfa Romeo Interior

After a chat with Alan, we found a lot of mistakes, but for my first attempt, agreed it wasn’t bad. He turned the page over and drew the interior again very quickly to point out the mistakes and where I had gone wrong.

Alan’s corrections

I used Alan’s corrections as an underlay and had another go at it. This is how it turned out.

After Alan’s corrections

This sketch turned out a lot better than the first attempt. Still some notable corrections needed to be made is the position of the steering wheel. It looks too far back, and too small. Other than that, I corrected the curves on the outside of the car, as in the shape of the interior outline, and I changed the position/angle of the centre console so that it ‘flowed’ more into the rest of the interior. I am quite happy with this, but I will continue to sketch and render interiors till I get to a standard where it looks professional.