Audi E-Tron ‘Copycat’ Render

For tomorrow’s hand in for the Copycat, I thought I would do an Audi E-tron Render. I got this image off Simkom, a very useful site if you are looking for a page purely designated for vehicle sketches/renderings. Anyways, I decided to do this copycat because of the car, a car I admire very much, but also because of the colours. I happen to have all the colours in this concept render so I thought I would give it a go. Here is the original:

Original Render

I had to try and match the original designs techniques, which I believe was mostly Photoshop, but nonetheless replicate that with markers. I used an underlay created in Photoshop* and worked from there. Here’s how its turned out.

After getting darker area’s down

Rendering done (Apart from Wheels)

I left out the wheels at the moment because they are incredibly difficult to copy. You may see in the original render how many spokes there are on the wheels, so I would like to take more time to explore them. Other than that, I have completed the rendering, and can say that I am pretty pleased with it. If the biro and Cool Grey 2 didn’t bleed out, things may have gone better but I am relatively happy with the outcome.

*Photoshop Useful Tip. You can create underlays in photoshop of any car really simply. Put the desired image into photoshop, go to Filter > Stylize > Find Edges. Then Photoshop will get rid of all the marker work and find the edges in the image to make for a cleaner underlay.