Mini from Transport Museum Rendering

They other day, I went to the Transport Museum because I had to complete 5 observation drawings from looking at cars in the Transport Museum. They could be whole cars, parts of cars, components etc. I decided to do the front side of a 1960 Austin Mini. I did a quick sketch whilst I was there, but things didn’t look great at all so I decided to take a picture of the car and sketch/render it at home. This is the picture I took:

1960 Austin Mini picture from the Transport Museum

I put the picture up on my computer screen and drew it from there. I did several underlays before cleaning up the line work and getting a sketch that was ready to be rendered. That is the image below.

Mini line work, ready to be rendered

Doing several underlays and getting to this stage took about an hour.. But this was it, it was ready to be rendered. I can’t say I was nervous, because I bloody was, as I didn’t want to mess things up. But I went for it and gave it my best shot.

1960 Austin Mini slightly rendered

With this image, I wanted to show me putting all the darker black area’s down before painting the car its red colour. Here is the picture after I markered in the red.

1960 Austin Mini Rendered

I admit is not yet finished (although it took 3 hours to get to this stage from the initial line work picture), because I still need to work on the interior/windshield and the headlight, but other than that, most of the major parts are done. I didn’t have a cherry red, only a ruby colour so it may seem a little darker but that doesn’t really matter. I am very happy with the outcome.

If you’re interested in the equipment I used, I used Chartpak AD Markers: Cool Grey 1,2,3,5 and 8 as well as Ruby Red, Cadmium Orange and Linden Green. Other than that, I used a Letraset Tria tip black marker, black and white wax pencils, a rubber, a white gel pen and a Biro pen to do the line work.