Truck Design

Today we explored a subject that I had not touched on before. The design of trucks. Shaun, our teacher, was pretty sure not a lot of us had ever designed a truck before, or didn’t know how to design a truck, so he gave us a very quick tutorial on how to do so. After that, he told us to think of our own designs which we would develop and make neater at a later stage in the afternoon. So, here are my first attempts at drawing trucks.

My first four attempts at drawing trucks

I think for my first attempts they were pretty good. The bottom right one was my first design, bottom left was my second, top right was my third and the top left was my fourth. I actually liked my first attempt the most so I decided to take that design forward to refine using a Scania Truck underlay.

Refined Design 1 Front 3/4 view

Refined Design 1 Side Profile View

So this is the design of my truck. I didn’t really change much of the design because I liked the original design. The whole front area was meant to be glass, but then realising how dangerous that would be in an accident and how expensive it would be has made me realise I should have the normal glass windscreen, but glass like materials surrounding the glass, tinting the colour so they blend into one other. That would be an easy solution. I particularly like this design because it is quite curvy, and the design flows into each other. I measured the length of the truck based on the number of wheels which would potentially fit between the front wheel and the back wheel on a normal truck, and that was about three wheels. So proportionately, the design is correct. I am really quite happy with how this turned out, and now I thoroughly enjoy sketching trucks, they’re brilliant!