Design inspired by Animals.

Today, as part of our course, our Lecturer/Teacher showed us a video of former Coventry Transport Design graduate, Mark Fetherston, who is responsible for the distinctive styling of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. The video shown is the one below.

In the video above, he talks about his inspirations for the design of the SLS AMG. He says, “Nature’s incredibly inspiring. Shark, Cats.. It’t the animals that have an appealing aesthetic that we often look at”. This isn’t the first time I have read that an Automotive/Transport Designer has been inspired by animals because I have read all about Peter Schreyer’s (President of Kia, Head of Hyundai Design) obsession with the new ‘Tiger Nose’ grill on the new Kia’s. Not only does design inspired by animal features make for a visually aesthetic and appealing car, it also sends a good message to potential buyers of the car. The tiger is regarded by many as the divine spirit that guards the West, but also in Korea, the White Tiger is considered as a sacred creature in local folklore. Hence, potential buyers see the positivity in the design, and maybe lured towards buying that particular vehicle.

Tiger Nose Kia

Tiger Nose


Kia’s Design Sketches

Anyways, once we had finished watching the video, we were asked to do a little activity trying to incorporate animal features into the cars we were facelifting for our facelift project. My facelift project was based on a Vauxhall Insignia so I had to implement animal features into the design of the car, only it didn’t have to be a facelift and could be any crazy design we could think of. The animal of choice for me was something unusual.. a Komodo Dragon. In case you didn’t know what one looked like, here is one below.


Komodo Dragon

I chose to do the Komodo Dragon because they have a very aggressive stance and they looked unusual. Anyways, here are the designs I came up with.

Insignia Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon Inspired Insignia

Seeming as it was a short exercise, I only sketched a few ideas. I tried to implement the eyes and nostrils of the Komodo Dragon, to come up with a more aggressive, scary Insignia. I thought it went well.. but I want to further develop this animal inspiration on vehicles I design in the future.