BMW Design – It Starts with a Sketch

Watching this video today made me realise how much I want to be a car designer.

I have always said that the main motivation for me to become an Automotive Designer is because I have the ability to design a car and make it come to life for the masses to use. I have always wanted to design a car and have people around the world using it. My favourite quote in this video is, “You have to stop worrying about how it will be made, you have to stop thinking about technology, you have to think shape and actually you don’t have to think at all.” This sums it up really. When you’re designing a car, you can go wild and design a car that may realistically not be possible. But its about manipulating that idea, developing it and redesigning that idea in order to make it into a feasible product, or in this case, a car.

And on that note, I leave you with this.

“If you try to analyse while you are being creative, the two parts of the brain basically, won’t get along.” – Adrian Van Hooydonk, Leader BMW Group Design