Oblivion: The Bubbleship

On Sunday (05.05.2013) I went and watched the film Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. I’ll be brutally honest and say the film itself wasn’t great, but the film was made better by the Bubbleship which was on screen throughout the entire film, from start to end. Aside from the Bubbleship, another thing that made the film better were the drones. Both were designed by the little known Daniel Simon, who is a German concept designer and automotive futurist best known for his visionary book Cosmic Motors.


Bubbleship from Oblivion

Daniel Simon / Bubbleship design for Oblivion

Bubbleship from Oblivion

Daniel Simon / design for Oblivion

Drone from Oblivion

The designer of the bubbleship, Daniel Simon has been known in industry for designing futuristic vehicles, hence he has designed the bubbleship and the drones, but also the vehicles in the movie Tron and Captain America. He designed the light cycle, the light runner (car) and light plane. He is also known for the design of the car he did for Captain America.

Going back to the bubbleship, Daniel Simon had to initially reject the idea that it was based on a penis. In my opinion it looks more like a dragonfly.





















Daniel Simon rejecting the idea of it based on a d***

We can actually see a breakdown of the design of the bubbleship below.


Breakdown of the Bubbleship design

The part of the design which I love the most has to be the spherical cockpit because it is all glass. In the film you see that the front glass is a HUD (Heads Up Display) which Vik sends the co-ordinates to etc, sorry I’m ruining the film if you haven’t seen it. My second favourite part of the bubbleship has to be the atmospheric flight drive system (the side pods). The way they animate on takeoff in the film is incredibly cool.

The whole design on the Bubbleship just seems so futuristic and gahhh so awesome. Daniel Simon has an uncanny ability to think of futuristic designs that capture the attention of people that had no interest in planes/helicopters, i.e. me. I have always like futuristic designs, like the ones from Tron, and when I found out the same designer did the Bubbleship, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised but found Daniel Simon even more awesome.

I highly recommend you check out his work, as it is amazing. Either check out his books like Cosmic Motors (my favourite) but also the new upcoming book he is releasing called The Timeless Racer. I will be sure to get my hands on it. Also, check out his website, for more on his work, or HD wallpapers for your liking!

I do need to thank Daniel Alvarez for introducing me to Daniel Simon. Check out his blog.

Check out this video on a behind the scenes on the bubbleship!