Gearstick Project for Ergonomics Final

As a project to do in between our facelift projects, we were asked to design an ergonomic gearstick  for the ergonomics part of out course. We had to do some research into existing gearsticks, such as the the one on the Insignia as the university owns an Insignia. That way, we got one on one experiences with gearsticks on cars. I was actually quite pleased with the final outcome of my gearstick as I rather liked the design I had come up with. Yes, it wasn’t the most ergonomic gear stick in the world, which was the basis of the project, but I liked the design. If I could do the project again, I would like to have done a better final render and orthographic projection, but also I would have liked to have done better presentation sheets, meaning spending more time on the pin up work to make it look more professional.

Check out the gallery below so see all my work for this project.