Pin Up Day!

Today, the 9th May 2013 was the pin up day for the both facelift projects and the gearstick project. By pin up day, I mean a day where we pin up our final renders etc of our projects. In this case, I pinned up my Insignia final renders and research, my Mustang final renders and research, my Gearstick final render and research and my redesigned Mustang door panel. Everything I have been working on for the last couple of months has lead up to this. Aaand now it’s over! I have spent sleepless nights working on this project but I am bloody chuffed with the outcome. The only thing I can say now is to improve my time management, in order to get my work done on time as opposed to having those sleepless nights. It doesn’t matter now though because its all over!

My work

My work on the board

Me next to my work

Me next to my work

Now my first year of Automotive Design is pretty much over. It has been a blast.