The ‘Design’ Cool Wall

Here in our studio, our lecturers put up a board to be used as the cool wall, like the one from my favourite TV show Top Gear. If you don’t know what the cool wall is, it is basically a board with the words; Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool and Sub Zero. As opposed to those words, to make it our own, we used the words; Rubbish, Uncool, Super Cool and Ice-Cold to describe the design of the cars we would be putting up. We have had many heated discussions on the position and placement of the cars on the board, and it really shows the differing opinions of the people in our class. It just feels really good that I’m in an environment where I can have those types of discussions, even though I get extremely frustrated sometimes. When I’m at home, no one has these types of interests, hence why it feels good to argue about cars. Below is a picture of the cool wall in our studio.

The Design Cool Wall

The ‘Design’ Cool Wall