Boat Design?

Till the other day, I had not even considered doing Boat Design as a profession. But as time goes by, I am more and more intrigued by Boat Design. Seeing some luxury boats such as the WallyPower 118 Super Yacht, or Steve Job’s boat makes me feel like I can express a lot of design in a boat.

The WallyPower 118 Super Yacht and Steve Jobs’ Boat

I have not looked enough into the field to say for sure whether or not I want to move into this field but it certainly seems interesting. There is a lot you could design with a boat. Mainly the shape of the boats intrigue me. They can differ so much. Another positive with Boat Design is that not a lot of people are interested in it, hence there are not a lot of boat designers. People neglect the field, but what is cool is the fact that they are mainly one off commissions, so they will only be one of your designs in the whole world.

Being a designer, you will be able to design everything. Some famous architects such as Norman Foster have designed boats such as the Ocean Emerald.

Ocean Emerald

Norman Foster’s Ocean Emerald

I really like the Ocean Emerald, partly because of the shape that continues from the back of the boat all the way over to the front sharp point of the boat.  Another boat that I like is the Maltese Falcon.

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon

I like this boat particularly because of the sails on a boat that looks so modern. They is something strangely attractive about this boat.

Seeing more and more extravagant boat designs are making me consider the boat design field more and more. I might start designing boats soon!