Concepts That Didn’t Make The Cut

I thought this post would be an interesting topic to expand on, as nowadays peoples don’t see the concepts that manufacturers put out before making the real thing. I have assembled a gallery for the concepts that didn’t make the cut. I intend to talk about each one individually.

Concepts that didn’t make the cut

First The Citroen DS9 is a gorgeous concept. The long wheelbase design would rival the 7 series BMW, but in my opinion, looks better than the 7 series. The ideal market for the Citroen DS9 would be the Chinese market because Citroen is considered a luxury brand over there. The car itself looks beautiful with styling of the modern Citroens. The next car on the list is The Saab Phoenix concept. Me and my classmate Daniel Alvarez absolutely love this car. Its just a shame that the ‘production’ version looked completely different to the concept version. There where certain attributes to this car which made it a stand out concept car. First of all, the colour of the vehicle. Gunmetal Grey. Gunmetal grey looks a lot of cars badass, especially this car. The second is the noticeable wing mirror to tail fin design. I don’t particularly like the tail fin part, but the fact that is it integrated to be the wing mirror as well makes it look so cool! And lastly, my favourite features are the front bulging feature lines and the rear tail light system. So much presence about this car. The next car on the list is The Lamborghini Estoque concept. I love this car. Like, adore this car. The prospect of a Lamborghini 4 door super car is amazing. The power of a Gallardo with the elegance of a saloon car. I think that if this car was to make production it would sell relatively well because it is a more practical version of a Gallardo basically.  The next car on the list is The Cadillac Sixteen concept. The Cadillac Sixteen like the Citroen DS9 has a very large wheelbase so extreme comfort with plenty of legroom is almost guaranteed. My favourite feature of this car is the side opening bonnet door. I loved this feature on the older cars. The side opening bonnet door exposed the engine which looked really cool. This car represented everything luxury about Cadillac. The next car on the list is The Jaguar C-X75 concept car. The Jaguar C-X75 is a hybrid-electric, two-seat, concept car from Jaguar which debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. A single motor isn’t enough to get this silky monster up to 205-mph. Rather, it has four of them , one for each wheel. Meanwhile, during heavy acceleration the batteries are topped-up with two recently invented, tiny gas-turbines, akin to jet engines, but small enough to be mounted in a car. The benefit of that, as opposed to a typical hybrid gas engine, is that turbines have fewer parts and thus weigh less. Jaguar is claiming a projected range of 560 miles (but as they admit, batteries still keep cars like this one from going on sale). The last car on the list is The Lincoln MKR concept. The Lincoln MKR stood out within Lincoln as it undertook a new design direction. The car was ambitious to say the least. It had a massive V12 engine with a 415bhp, twin turbo and rear wheel drive. The roof was all glass, with the only structural support being the a big Lincoln badge shape on the roof.

Lincoln MKR Concept

Lincoln MKR Roof Design

If Lincoln released the MKR, the company would possibly be booming as it would have been a new start for Lincoln. I am not as mad as I should be, as Lincoln has released new models of there cars that take a lot of design inspiration from the MKR such as the MKT and MKX. An honourable mention for this section goes to the entire Lotus concept line up as they all looked really cool, but none of them were made.

After writing all this, I thought I should include some of my favourite concept cars, so I compiled a gallery below.

Gallery of some of my favourite concept cars

The cars on this list are: Alfa Romeo Pandion, Saab Aero X, Citroen GT, Audi Quattro Concept, BMW Gina, BMW M1 and the Peugeot Onyx.