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What a difference a little marker makes.

You may or may not know, the other day, I posted a picture of my rendered Datsun 240Z Redesign. I was quite happy with the outcome, but I knew I could improve it… Continue reading

Workshop Induction

Today I had a workshop induction in which a teacher showed us round the workshop area and demonstrated how the equipment in the room were to be used. After the demonstrations, he told… Continue reading

Truck Design

Today we explored a subject that I had not touched on before. The design of trucks. Shaun, our teacher, was pretty sure not a lot of us had ever designed a truck before,… Continue reading

Using Underlays

Some people may think or refer to think as ‘tracing’. As a designer, we refer to them as underlays. Underlays are extremely helpful guides when it comes to design. With underlays, you are… Continue reading

Interior Design Day.

We spent today learning about how to draw/sketch the interior of a car. This included all the different types of views of an interior of a car you could draw, as well as… Continue reading

Design Brief #1.

We were given 2 design briefs today. The first vehicle we had to design was a Women’s car. The car “had to be aimed at a young woman driver. Think of how you… Continue reading

Aston Martin Guest Lecture!

Aston Martin Presentation Every wednesday, we have a guest lecture, whereby a guest, preferably a designer, comes in to give a talk about there experiences in the field. Today, we had three people… Continue reading

Self study time in the studio!

On our timetables, Friday is the only day we have off. So, we have the friday as self directed time in order to do work set or whatever you want. Today, I went… Continue reading

When I started getting serious.

I have wanted to be a car designer for as long as I can remember. It was the first profession that I ever wanted to do because I loved cars. I only started… Continue reading

Automotive Design.

Being a first year Automotive Design student, being able to track my progress digitally was a thing I wanted to do for myself, as well as for others to reflect among my progress.… Continue reading