Audi E-Tron ‘Copycat’ Render

For tomorrow’s hand in for the Copycat, I thought I would do an Audi E-tron Render. I got this image off Simkom, a very useful site if you are looking for a page… Continue reading

Mini from Transport Museum Rendering

They other day, I went to the Transport Museum because I had to complete 5 observation drawings from looking at cars in the Transport Museum. They could be whole cars, parts of cars,… Continue reading

Using Underlays

Some people may think or refer to think as ‘tracing’. As a designer, we refer to them as underlays. Underlays are extremely helpful guides when it comes to design. With underlays, you are… Continue reading

Audi ‘Copycat’ Render

Every Monday, we have to hand in a ‘copycat’ sketch or render, whereby you take a professionals sketch and you try and imitate or copy as closely as you can. This week, I… Continue reading

Interior Design Day.

We spent today learning about how to draw/sketch the interior of a car. This included all the different types of views of an interior of a car you could draw, as well as… Continue reading

Design Brief #2.

Here is a quick continuation of my work from Thursday. This time, as opposed to the male ‘Lonesome Cowboy’ design, I was to design a ‘Women’s car’. This is how it turned out.… Continue reading

Design Brief #1.

We were given 2 design briefs today. The first vehicle we had to design was a Women’s car. The car “had to be aimed at a young woman driver. Think of how you… Continue reading

Coventry Transport Museum Observation Sketch.

(C)oventry Transport Museum After today’s guest lecture with Aston Martin, we decided to head down to the Coventry Transport Museum to complete some observation/component sketches. Ever since the first time I went to… Continue reading

Aston Martin Guest Lecture!

Aston Martin Presentation Every wednesday, we have a guest lecture, whereby a guest, preferably a designer, comes in to give a talk about there experiences in the field. Today, we had three people… Continue reading

Canson Pastil Paper Sketching/Rendering #2.

Today was a continuation of our work from yesterday. We used the same Canson pastil paper and drew the redesigned Audi TT’s. This time I decided to my draw my redesigned Audi TT… Continue reading