Canson Pastil Paper Sketching/Rendering #1.

So today, we were looking at mixed media on coloured backgrounds. We were told to use Canson paper, which is good for quick renderings, sketching and light studies. We were given the objective… Continue reading

Self study time in the studio!

On our timetables, Friday is the only day we have off. So, we have the friday as self directed time in order to do work set or whatever you want. Today, I went… Continue reading

Mirror Alloy?

So today, I was at the Wetherspoons pub, when I came across this mirror at the back. It looked strangely like an alloy wheel of a car. Would be a rather interesting design… Continue reading

Automotive Design.

Being a first year Automotive Design student, being able to track my progress digitally was a thing I wanted to do for myself, as well as for others to reflect among my progress.… Continue reading