Personal Statement

With every car I see, I know that a team of designers have sat down and designed that car, regardless of if it is the worst looking, worst performing car ever, a team has sat down and designed that car. Cars like that inspire me to continue working hard at designing cars so cars like that, design wise, won’t exist. I see design in everything, because everything has been designed and made for a purpose. Other aspects of design, such as Product Design or Architecture designs heavily influence my work and creativity because there are certain designs that inspire and trigger patches of creativity, which I jot down on anything I have with me, or with pictures.

That’s one of my driving forces in design. Being able to make a design come to life, and one day being able to see people using a car that you have designed. That is my dream. Being able to go to a stranger and say, “I designed that car”, would be the best feeling in the world. Being able to see others enjoy and buy my design is my dream. I say ‘buy’ because buying a car is supposedly the second most expensive thing you buy in your life. Having someone spend that kind of money on your design would be incredible.

Architecture in particular inspires me because; in some ways it’s like a car. With a building, people use it everyday because they live in it or visit it, there are interiors, and the exterior shape is what catches the attention of on goers or potential customers, something that is extremely important when considering the design of a car, having an eye catching exterior. Being the one that designs a car and making people go wow would be an amazing feeling.

Being able to see the evolution of vehicles has really quite a large impact on my design. Its not about designing for the present, its about designing for the future and predicting future trends. You can’t design something that’s already been done, that’s reinventing. You need to come up with something that no one has thought off, a groundbreaking idea that will sell. Being the one that has to think about things like that makes me more excited. As technology advances, more and more things that we thought could never work are becoming a reality; so thinking off wacky ideas may one day become a reality. That to me is very exciting. I guess that is also one thing that makes it difficult to be creative. You may be able to predict trends of the future, but you cannot predict what kind of advances there will be in technology. That withholds creative thinking a little bit, but not enough to make me stop thinking of new ideas.

After spending only 2 months on this Automotive Design course, I have already learnt so much. Before I was just a regular guy that had a massive interest in cars and one that could draw a few relatively mediocre. But now, I have learnt about cars, learnt how to draw them, investigated them, explored them, redesigned them. All things that have been incredibly important in how I have advanced throughout the course. I feel as if I have learnt so much already. Aside from the teachers, I have learnt new drawing styles and techniques from fellow classmates. Building upon my rendering skills is now the next big step for me, because at the moment I am good but not great. I strive for greatness.