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Line Weighting Practice

So, the other day, I discovered an amazing Youtube channel dedicated to some of the best Automotive Sketches I have seen. The name of the guy that runs the channel is Sangwon Seok.… Continue reading

Boat Design?

Till the other day, I had not even considered doing Boat Design as a profession. But as time goes by, I am more and more intrigued by Boat Design. Seeing some luxury boats… Continue reading

Concepts That Didn’t Make The Cut

I thought this post would be an interesting topic to expand on, as nowadays peoples don’t see the concepts that manufacturers put out before making the real thing. I have assembled a gallery… Continue reading

The Future of Vehicle Design

The post on the Oblivion Bubbleship got me thinking about the direction of future vehicle design. Are helicopters in 10/20 years going to look like the Bubbleship? What are the cars of the… Continue reading

The ‘Design’ Cool Wall

Here in our studio, our lecturers put up a board to be used as the cool wall, like the one from my favourite TV show Top Gear. If you don’t know what the… Continue reading

Oblivion: The Bubbleship

On Sunday (05.05.2013) I went and watched the film Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. I’ll be brutally honest and say the film itself wasn’t great, but the film was made better by the Bubbleship… Continue reading

Architecture Influences.

As many of you know, I love architecture. I love going to lectures on Architecture and listening to how these extreme buildings have been designed. Last year, I attended many lectures hosted by… Continue reading

BMW Design – It Starts with a Sketch

Watching this video today made me realise how much I want to be a car designer. I have always said that the main motivation for me to become an Automotive Designer is because… Continue reading

Design inspired by Animals.

Today, as part of our course, our Lecturer/Teacher showed us a video of former Coventry Transport Design graduate, Mark Fetherston, who is responsible for the distinctive styling of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.… Continue reading

Marker Master Class

This post is dedicated to Peik Olsen, the marker master. Peik, a friend of mine on my course, today showed me how to render cars in a way that makes them pop off… Continue reading